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Adding another food to the “Do Not Eat” list

We have had the busiest summer I can ever remember!   The boy turned six, we’ve traveled, we’ve had the flu, I’ve had jewelry parties, I’ve dabbled in cake baking, I’ve applied to the local college, etc.   We always enjoy traveling, but for the last three weeks the boy has had those tell-tale shiny eyes.  Along with the shiny eyes usually comes behaviors and difficulty sleeping.   It’s hard to detect behaviors on vacation, because we all tend to run around wearing loin cloths and being crazy when we’re camping and swimming and playing.  It’s hard to see sleep patterns when we don’t attempt to put our children down until our host’s children are ready for bed.   But once we came home and our schedules resumed, the ADHD symptoms were out of control.  Poor kid, I tried to have a conversation with the boy and it was like talking to Stevie Wonder!  He would look left, right, up, down, never stopping to glance at my eyes.  I saw him struggling and asked him to repeat a few things that I felt were important for him to actually hear.  He said, “I don’t know, can you tell me again?”  I’d tell him again and ask him to repeat.  He’d get it completely wrong.  I’d tell him again, but this time I would say a few words and ask him to repeat the words.   Wow, what is going on?  I haven’t allowed him to eat any dye, even on vacation.  His birthday cake was mostly white & natural colors, and the parts with food coloring were not served to the boy (let the other kids eat it- oops, not nice!)2013-07-05 22.52.19  So what is causing this?  I did some research on line, punching into the search bar the foods most consumed over the span of our vacation, and there it was.  TBHQ, short for tertiary butylhydroquinone, a food preservative used in McDonald’s chicken nuggets and other prepackaged foods.  Wow, my son and daughter consumed McDonalds chicken nuggets almost daily while on vacation!   What is this TBHQ, that seems to cause reactions in AHDH children?  Why, it is yet another “approved for human consumption” petroleum byproduct!

I understand that the FDA has tested the preservatives and dyes before approving them for human consumption.  I am not a consperecy theorist, I only know  what I am experiencng with my own child with rather severe ADHD.  And I see that my son is reacting to something that he is consuming, and once I remove these foods from his diet, he seems much more calm and better behaved.  According to the FDA, you should not consume more than 300+ McNuggets in any given day, it may cause nausea, dizzyness and confusion.  In other words, an infentescimally small ammount is allowed to be used in our foods.  But “I sees what I sees!”   We have removed products containing the preservative, TBHQ, for the last two weeks, and though ADHD is everpresent, the boy no longer appears to be compulsed to do and say naughty things as if he had no control at all.    In my opinion, if your child struggles with a disease or malady, it’s best not to exascurbate it.  No more McDonalds McNuggets for us.


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It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…No, It’s my son after eating Superman ice cream!

We attended a kiddie birthday party this weekend, which is challenging to keep up with the no-dye-in-the-boy’s-food rule.  I think he ate 2 m&m’s before I whisked the bowl away from him.  He drank some green punch too, but he was no more a maniac then any of the other children at the party.   Sunday, however, was a different story!   After a round of father and son disc golf, daddy bought the boy a superman ice cream cone.  Yikes!   It took us over 2 hours to put the boy to bed!  He was calling himself “stupid” and saying things like “stupid boys don’t sleep.”   I asked him, “what did you eat tonight?”  He listed off everything but the ice cream, of course.  I asked, “did you have ice cream?”  “Oh yeah, I forgot,” he says.  “What kind of ice cream did you have?”  He surprised me by responding:  “the kind with all the food coloring in it.”  I ventured another question, “do you think maybe you’re feeling bad and

Superman ice cream

Superman ice cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

having trouble sleeping tonight because of the dye in the ice cream?”  He states defiantly, “No, it was good…and so was the kit kat!”     Oh geez!  (*rests forehead in palm of  hands, in defeat)