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I May Have Some Explaining To Do

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I still haven’t filled the prescription for Dexedrine 5mg, the stimulant medication that the psychiatrist gave us.  Part of the reason is because I haven’t been shopping lately, or been anywhere near our pharmacy.   The other reason is because I really don’t want to put him back on a stimulant so soon after the last one made him manic.  I was informed from the behavioral specialist, that the psychiatrist will kindly ask us to seek a second opinion [permanently]  if we refuse to give the medication that she has prescribed.  I guess she feels that she is asking us to do what she thinks needs to be done for the boy’s ADHD, and if she takes her time to diagnose a disorder, then we will be considered “non-compliant” if we don’t follow her professional opinion.  I guess I can understand that.  She is a psychiatrist, that’s her job, to prescribe psychiatric medication.  I’m either going to have to fill that prescription and at least give it a try, or I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do.

It has been a few months since the manic episode, and my life has drastically changed since he has been off medication.   The big change is that I can no longer just take off and go to this store or that store and pick up things whenever I want to, I have to schedule shopping trips and public outings.  I either have to make sure my mom is available for babysitting, or I have to wait until after dinner, so daddy can watch the kids.   I did take the boy shopping on one occasion, and it went relatively well.  I had to constantly redirect him back to the cart, and tell him to keep his hands off the merchandise, but there were no fits and no “cleanup on aisle 5” incidents.  I would call that a success, even if it was stressful for mommy.   I am ok with the lifestyle change.  I am ok with having a rowdy boy at home.  I’m fine with the fact that we might have to cut a graduation party short when we see signs that the boy’s becoming overstimulated and it’s time to go.  I’d rather schedule my shopping trips on a day when the boy is feeling good and isn’t being obstinate or sassy, then to medicate him into good behavior or complacency and have to go through the “come down” time every afternoon when the medicine is wearing off and he is hypersensitive to noise and is spacey and cranky.  I love the weight gain, growth, and appetite that I’m seeing with my normal, unmedicated son.

The hubby and I were really hoping to go at the boy’s ADHD from a natural standpoint.   Our first step was removing the dyes and adding Nordic Naturals, Children’s DHA to our daily multivitamin.   Removing the food coloring has naturally lead to less sugar intake, but recently it’s been difficult to keep the excess sugar consumption down because of all the picnics, graduations, and parties. Plus, there’s the natural inclination toward ice cream when the temperatures soar in the summer.   I have slowed my blogging recently because I have been doing some research and reading (mommy doesn’t have a lot of spare time, so it’s kind of ‘either or’ at this moment’).  I have always secretly believed that my son can “grow out of,” or more like “develop out of” his ADHD.  I have also come to believe that there are ways to help the brain develop the areas that may be lacking, or where brain synapses are underfiring.   Keep in mind that I am not a doctor, and certainly not a brain surgeon, but as we read and research and educate ourselves, most of us form our own opinions and beliefs.  I hope to keep you informed as I learn and test out new theories.

Dexedrine 5mg tablets

Dexedrine 5mg tablets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  1. Hi, my aunt told me about your blog. I have been through similar issues with my daughter. It has been heart wrenching. Please feel free to read my blog. It isn’t very up to date, but the tags are pretty helpful. I am in this boat with you from a miillion blog miles away! 🙂

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