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The First Psychiatrist Appointment


Well, we made it through our first psychiatrist appointment.  We walked through three hallways and came to a stop at a very warm office.  It was warm by choice.  Our doctor was from India.  She has a very pleasant soft voice and a easily understandable accent.  She asked me about the medicines we tried.  I had to go off memory because I didn’t print out his medicine sheet in advance.  Plus, I had miscalculated the amount of time it would take for me to cajole my son into getting dressed and putting socks and shoes on, and then I couldn’t find my wallet, of course.  My son gets his ADHD from somewhere, right?   After I stumbled through the list of failed medicines, she turned to me and asked what our day to day problems and concerns are.  I looked at her and back at the boy and whispered, “I really don’t want to talk about him in front of him.”  She sent him to the play room next door, where we could him playing through the paper thin wall.  She turned to me and I said, “he is the most strong willed child I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.”   She asked me some history, yes he has been strong willed since a collicky newborn.  I told her that he was up and over the rail of his crib and by 18 months it was converted into a toddler bed for his safety, and that’s when the power struggle over sleep began.  I told her that we completely gave up on trying to enforce naps at age 2,  and about his night terrors until age 5.  She asked how my pregnancy and birth was, I told her about the emergency c-section and the cord being wrapped around his neck three times.  She wrote that down in her notepad.  Then she said that she was going to bring the boy back into the room and sent me out to the play room.  In the play room I could hear through the wall that the boy was explaining the fish he caught over the weekend.  “I caught bluegill and red ears.”  I heard her ask, “Wedder?”  “Red Ear.” “Redder?”  “RED EAR!”  I giggled to myself, poor boy, doctors don’t fish-hahahaha!   I could also hear her redirecting the boy on several occasions.   They called me back into the room and the doctor said that he was very very active.  She attempted to read him a Dr. Seuss book and he wouldn’t pay attention through even one page.  She added that most of her other ADHD children love to be read to, but the boy refused to pay attention.  I informed her that he has hated Dr. Seuss books since he turned 4, he goes so far as to pull them off the shelf and throw them on the floor…I have no idea why.   I added that if she was reading a nature book, he would have paid attention and been very involved.  Am I making excuses for the boy?  Oh, speaking of excuses… I forgot to mention that the behavior specialist attended the appointment with us.  She did mention to the doctor, the seemingly uncontrollable noises and outbursts.   The doctor asked if he often fixated on a sound or word.  The specialist told the story of her observing the teacher reading a book to the classroom, and the teacher read “Moo…goes the cow.”  And the boy started mooing and refused to quit mooing until he was sent into the hallway, where the specialist peeked in on him and he was still mooing to himself.  I interjected that I had ADD as a child, and I quite often fixated on a word and couldn’t get it out of my head.  I believe I was 18 years old when I first heard the word “persnickety.”  I started giggling and could absolutely not stop laughing!  I happened to be in a college Creative Writing class at the time, and the professor eventually asked me if I was ok.  How embarrassing!

But I digress [bunny trail]…  The doctor reaffirmed the diagnosis of ADHD, and added the word “severe.”  (The behavior specialist raised her eyebrows at the diagnosis, and said something like -I’m paraphrasing- “that’s it, only ADHD?”  {I told you it’s not tourettes, darn it!} )   She told me that we had a choice between Tenex (which is the generic, non time release form of Intunive- which caused him to have delusions of his “brain” being a separate entity from his body… *see More Trials With Medicine)  Or another mild stimulant.  Great, just what I didn’t want.  This medication is called Dexedrine 5mg, and we are supposed to give him 1/2 tablet every morning.  It starts within an hour an lasts for 4 hours.  I have not gotten the prescription filled yet.  I don’t know what to do.


Author: KenSea

Wife of 19 years, mom to a very active (almost) 6-year-old boy and very sweet 1.5-year-old girl. My blog takes a humorous look at the trials and triumphs of life with ADD and ADHD. Check it out at

4 thoughts on “The First Psychiatrist Appointment

  1. My son has ADHD pretty bad too but no one told about the fixating on a word thing. I just thought it was him being normal. I would explain why he sounds like a broken record when he hears a word he likes.

  2. Kendra…. you are in a situation no parent would want…. you just want to help your son. My heart goes out to you as you make your decisions about meds, school, etc. Will he continue to see the specialist?

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