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“I don’t have ADD, it’s just that…OhLookAKitty!”

It Must be Working

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I still chuckle to myself when I remember a humorous incident during a vacation to my girlfriend’s hometown.   We were walking to the park that sits at the beginning of downtown Douglas, Michigan’s quaint artisan district.  There was a group of friends enjoying some cocktails on the bistro’s patio in the beautiful spring evening.  They were good naturedly poking fun at the parents they hear at the park, degrading themselves as they yell to little Johnny, “One!  Two!…”   The ironic thing about this, is that when the guy loudly said, “One!”  My 4-year-old came to a complete halt!  He stopped dead in his tracks!  Well, I guess that’s proof that our 1,2,3 system is working.


Author: KenSea

Wife of 19 years, mom to a very active (almost) 6-year-old boy and very sweet 1.5-year-old girl. My blog takes a humorous look at the trials and triumphs of life with ADD and ADHD. Check it out at

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