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Not up to School’s Standards

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The boy has not been able to attend school for an entire day ever since the doctor told us to take him off all ADHD medicines.  We took several days off of school after the Psychotic Break.  It was actually difficult to convince him to go back.  On his first day back, they sent him home after lunch, or was it before, I don’t remember.   He was just too hyper and disrupted the class to the point where no teaching was getting done.   I was asked by the school, “when is his psychiatrist appointment?”   Right, more drugs is the answer.   What if I don’t want to experiment on my son any more?  The teacher suggested I bring the boy in after lunch when the kids have recess then some learning and social time.  At least that way he will be able to finish out the year without his last experience being a terrible one, and him ending up hating school.  Though the first half-day went well, they called and asked me to pick him up at the end of the second day because he was too wild to put on the bus.  The third day went well, but I have a feeling that they have given up on actually educating the boy, and have just settled for getting him through the time.  I became suspicious when the boy described how he colored pictures for the teachers and the other children. Uh oh, I noticed that he hasn’t had any of the usual photocopied papers with the number  or letter of the day either.

English: A child not paying attention in class.

English: A child not paying attention in class. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What if we can get him to an acceptable level of energy for home, but he doesn’t live up to the school’s standards and rules?  I know that  the State of Michigan’s department of education mandates that my child has a right to an education, and that whatever accommodations need to be made to get this done, so be it.  But do I really want to fight this battle?  Does this “right to an education” really apply to a child who has already graduated from preschool, isn’t this only for K-12?  So we pick this battle up again in the fall, when the boy goes back to kindergarten, or I can teach him here at home, where he has the opportunity to learn when his brain will allow him to be calm enough to take in information and be allowed to be a wild maniac when his brain is driving him on impulses.


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