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“I don’t have ADD, it’s just that…OhLookAKitty!”

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…

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It’s a bird…It’s a plane…No, It’s my son after eating Superman ice cream!

We attended a kiddie birthday party this weekend, which is challenging to keep up with the no-dye-in-the-boy’s-food rule.  I think he ate 2 m&m’s before I whisked the bowl away from him.  He drank some green punch too, but he was no more a maniac then any of the other children at the party.   Sunday, however, was a different story!   After a round of father and son disc golf, daddy bought the boy a superman ice cream cone.  Yikes!   It took us over 2 hours to put the boy to bed!  He was calling himself “stupid” and saying things like “stupid boys don’t sleep.”   I asked him, “what did you eat tonight?”  He listed off everything but the ice cream, of course.  I asked, “did you have ice cream?”  “Oh yeah, I forgot,” he says.  “What kind of ice cream did you have?”  He surprised me by responding:  “the kind with all the food coloring in it.”  I ventured another question, “do you think maybe you’re feeling bad and

Superman ice cream

Superman ice cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

having trouble sleeping tonight because of the dye in the ice cream?”  He states defiantly, “No, it was good…and so was the kit kat!”     Oh geez!  (*rests forehead in palm of  hands, in defeat)


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