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Baby Boy

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The boy’s colic disappeared at exactly three months.  All the simethecone, and gripe water and calms forte, the holistic extracts rubbed on the tummy, none of the natural colic remedies brought relief to our boy.  Nor did the elimination diet mom put herself on, in case he was sensitive to something I was eating.  The expensive formula we switched to did nothing to calm his painful and gassy tummy.  Our boy just needed to grow, and for his digestive tract to mature.  Three months and it was smooth sailing.  We had the sweetest giggly happy baby.  He was so curious and adventurous.

A month after his first birthday he managed to toddle a few steps for the first time on a pontoon boat of all places!  Then it was time to bolt the dressers to the wall, babyproof the counter tops, and buy a new knife block so we could get all the knives out of the kitchen drawers.

I found this post I wrote to my friends on Myspace years ago.

 the Terrible?

Of course not!  The boy is just your normal extremely active toddler.  So what if “Safety 1st” and 3M haven’t been able to make a safety device that he can’t figure out how to open anyway.  So I’ve had to fish various tupperware, remote controlls, silverware, and toys out of the garbage can.  So what if I have had to put my garbage can up onto an ugly orange milk crate and tie it to the back of the fridge to keep him from pulling it down upon himself.  I’ve used my mommy ingenuity and pasted the “command” hooks (that won’t mar wood surfaces when you remove them) on either side of the stereo cabinents & entertainment system latching them together with a hideous piece of pipe cleaner.   I have been asked by my mother and hubby to put “post it” notes in the bathroom to remind them to please close door tightly as they exit to keep the child from swishing around in the toilet water & shredding the kleenex in the waste basket.  It is ok that one of the boy’s favorite pass times is to pick drywall off the area in the kitchen that is still under construction (that is, if the dog’s water bowl is unavailable to splash in.)  We should have finished that project a long time ago anyway.  I have discovered that people who say “silence is golden” must have much older children because when you have a toddler, silence means you need to get out the Resolve carpet cleaner and vacuum & possibly the bleach, and you might as well start running a bath. 

     All this being said, I have enjoyed every minute of the boy’s babydom and segue into toddlerhood!  I cherish every new discovery and achievement!  But sometimes I wonder if we should have named him Ivan.

-It’s funny to reread this so many years later, and now our daughter is the same age as the boy was when I wrote this.  She does much of the same stuff he did.  Hubby must have recycled close to a half dozen sippee cups before we realized she was throwing them into the bin.  She loves the cat food and water dishes, and the toilet water is irresistable!  She is a climber also, which is scary because we have a bunk bed for the boy and if she disappears, we know we will find her on the top bunk if we’ve forgotten to remove the ladder.  Silence isn’t any more golden for her than it was for the boy!  Oh, and she loves to dig in the house plants’ dirt!  We were too smart to have any house plants when the boy was a toddler.


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