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In Honor of Mother’s Day



Thank you mom for teaching me that it just isn’t dish water unless it’s too hot to stick your hand all the way to the bottom of the sink.

T.Y.M. for discovering that a combination of Lestoil & fels naptha can get out just about every stain, but that if you scrub at anything with a hello kitty nail brush from the 80’s for too long, you will remove the color from the fabric.

T.Y.M. for letting me know that it’s ok to laugh at someone when they hurt themselves in an interesting way, but that it’s just good etiquette to ask them if they’re ok first.

T.Y.M. for reminding me to “walk in someone else’s moccasins” before hating them for their actions.

T.Y.M. for not allowing me to hate people who have wronged me.

T.Y.M. for taking me stomping through the woods to hunt for mushrooms & blueberries.  That semester you took Botany 101 was maybe one of my favorite seasons ever.

T.Y.M. for not being grossed out when I brought home frogs, toads, salamanders,  monarch caterpillars, & crayfish in cool whip containers.  And for not instilling in me the [entire] family’s repulsion of snakes.

Thank you mom for being you and for making me who I am today!


Author: KenSea

Wife of 19 years, mom to a very active (almost) 6-year-old boy and very sweet 1.5-year-old girl. My blog takes a humorous look at the trials and triumphs of life with ADD and ADHD. Check it out at

2 thoughts on “In Honor of Mother’s Day

  1. Thanks. You know I love my mommy! 🙂

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